IT Norrbotten


We offer one of Europe’s largest open fiber-based high-speed networks. With our dynamic network that is constantly evolving and expanding, we help you connect to meet the digital needs of tomorrow.

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We have a service for every situation. Whether you are a small business that wants to connect two offices for safer communication or a service provider who wants to hire dark fiber, we have a solution for you.

Ethernet Direct
Ethernet Multipoint
Dark Fiber

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Northern Sweden offer unique opportunities. The cold climate, along with the stable infrastructure for fiber-based communications and sustainable energy supply that are already in place makes the region very suitable for establishing data centers and other digital services. Broadband and e-services will also play a crucial role in the future for people to be able to live, thrive, work, and grow old in the region.

Municipal networks in collaboration

Municipal networks in collaboration is a cooperation platform for urban networks aimed at providing better and more efficient service for users. Through cooperation we can make urban fiber-networks more dependable and more cost efficient.

IT Norrbotten offers one of Europe’s largest open fiber-based high-speed network for businesses and public service. We promote the development of networks that meet the high demands for capacity and quality in the future.