Dark Fiber

The Dark Fiber Point-to-Point service gives your company access to a high-quality fiber-optical connection. With our service you can connect your own networks via Dark Fiber and with specific interfaces and quality.

The service is offered to companies that need their own communication solutions and high capacity data transferring.

With Dark Fiber, your company can deliver your services cost-effectively and without limitations.

We also oversee the service from point to point. This way you only need one point of contact to establish the connection.

Technical details

  • The Dark Fiber service is based on optical fiber according to ITU-T G.652 B.
  • The interface is Single Mode Fiber, 10 / 125μm.
  • Delivered in termination box, ODF, via SC at delivery point.
  • All main sites include UPS, alarm, air conditioning and access to 48V.


  • Additional capacity can be obtained by separate arrangement.
  • UPS power is provided according to customer requirements.
  • Standing site on site is provided according to customer requirements.