About us

IT Norrbotten offers one of Europe’s largest open fiber-based high-speed networks for businesses and public services. We promote the development of networks that meet the highest demands for capacity and quality, as well as taking into account the needs of various enterprises:

  • Broadband operators wanting to rent Dark Fiber to build their own networks.
  • Service providers who wants access to an active broadband network with connected users.
  • Mobile operators who needs fiber to build mobile broadband.
  • State, government, municipalities and county councils who wants to communicate with, and offer e-services to both individuals and businesses.


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We promote the development of networks that meet high demands on capacity and quality

Business concept

IT Norrbotten shall enable and provide  digital infrastructure, for increased growth and digital participation in Norrbotten

The business concept is, in short, about making connectivity available regardless of the connection technique itself, but also that the connection is accessible in a qualitative and secure way. What we make available must in turn enable growth through digitalization, which is why it is vital to achieve digital participation.

History and owner

Information Technology in Norrbotten AB, IT Norrbotten, was formed in 1996 with the purpose of being a development motor for cutting edge technology and business-leading IT projects in Norrbotten. The organizations behind the initiative was the Regional Business Community, The Municipalities in Norrbotten and the Region of Norrbotten together with the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and Luleå University of Technology.

The company’s main mission today is to manage, develop and provide region-wide IT infrastructure in Norrbotten. Since the spring of 2005, the company is owned by Norrbotten’s 14 municipalities and Region Norrbotten. Integrity If you want to read our privacy policy, you can find it here.



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Make progress possible

IT Norrbotten | Boden Business Park | Teknikvägen 3-13, 961 50 Boden |
+46 921-690 10 | info@itnorrbotten.se