Local Fiber Networks

The term “Local Fiber Networks” has come to symbolize locally or regionally owned and operated fiber networks. Mostly publicly owned and almost exclusively with the common model that the networks should be open and competition-neutral. The purpose is to operate a basic structure where service providers in competition can offer end customers their digital services.

The first city networks in Sweden were started over 20 years ago with the aim of challenging the then state telecom monopoly and getting the fiber expansion started in the municipalities. This was also the case in Norrbotten, one of the regions that started city network operations relatively early. IT Norrbotten’s project coordination was one reason for an extensive broadband expansion. It is now clear that the Swedish and Norrbotten city networks have served their purpose well. Without them, Sweden would have had both higher broadband prices and fewer connections.

Today, there are city networks in over 200 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. Most are municipally owned. Together with market players at the service level, competition, diversity and development are created.

Read about the city networks in Sweden at https://www.ssnf.org/sveriges-stadsnat/statistik/

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