Local Fiber Networks in Collaboration

Local fiber Networks in Collaboration is a cooperation model for urban fiber-based networks aimed at providing more efficient services to operators and users alike.

The cooperation is based on volume, which helps reduce costs and increase revenues for the municipal networks. In practice, it means that the more networks that participate, the more cost efficient it will be to operate the networks.

Collaboration means that the city networks, by working together, quickly can achieve a high level of security in the urban networks and meet the demands of different authorities such as PTS.

The cooperation is aimed at combining all participating municipal networks to create a single larger network. By doing this we can streamline our work and achieve advantages through scale that will benefit customers in urban networks.

IT Norrbotten acts as a point of contact for all connected networks. This means that IT Norrbotten is responsible for service providers to reach end customers in all connected networks.

In our offer to the connecting networks, we include:

  • Agreements with service providers
  • OSS / BSS system
  • Website
  • NOC and Preparedness
  • Possibility of field service
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