IT Norrbotten

We offer our services to businesses, organizations, service operators, service providers and the public sector. We have a solution for every situation, whether you want to establish an IP network for advanced video meetings, build a backbone for base stations or deliver television and internet services.

With our capacity services we can link your operations in a shared data network. We build VLANs that extend over large areas and connect the customer’s various LANs, networks that overlap between offices or locations.

Operator services

For operators or service providers, we are a true wholesaler. We deliver services such as capacity, wavelengths and Dark Fiber rental. We also place great emphasis on operational reliability with SLA by request.


The Node Space service offers your business access to space to install your own technical equipment. The service can be delivered in all our main nodes and in the amplifier sites that exist along the longer distances of the regional network.
 All nodes are built according to the National Post and Telecom Agency’s recommendations for …

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Dark Fiber

The Dark Fiber Point-to-Point service gives your company access to a high-quality fiber-optical connection. With our service you can connect your own networks via Dark Fiber and with specific interfaces and quality.

 The service is offered to companies that need their own communication solutions and high capacity data transferring. 

With Dark Fiber, your company can …

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Ethernet Direct

Ethernet Direct 
The Ethernet Direct service enables you to connect your businesses to a shared network to effectively utilize multiple services, such as using the same sales system throughout the business. 
You can connect two locations via a central router or switch. Firewall and security functions are then only needed at one of the offices. …

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Ethernet Multipoint

With the Ethernet Multipoint service, you can tie several of your locations together in a single network. For example, you can connect the headquarters with high capacity (backbone) and smaller offices with lower capacity to create their own network. This will optimize your capacity. The technology enables the same computer systems to be used everywhere …

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Business critical systems and applications set high demands for reliable data communication, and a malfunction in the system can have serious consequences. The service ensures maximum accessibility to your communications service. If the primary connection fails, your connectivity will be maintained by another link.
 Logical redundancy 
Logical redundancy means that the traffic is automatically redirected …

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Wavelength Service is a wholesale service which means high bandwidth over long distances. The service is based on WDM platform implemented in IT Norrbotten’s fiber network. 

Each transfer channel can be configured individually with defined capacity up to 10 Gbit / s. The wavelength service is completely transparent, which means that you as a customer …

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