IT Norrbotten

We offer an open, redundant, competitive- and provider-neutral fiber-optic network. The network is interconnected with Norrbotten’s 14 municipal networks and connects all of Norrbotten into a seamless digital infrastructure. The network is also connected to both Norwegian and Finish networks, as well as the neighboring regional infrastructure in Sweden.

Through our cooperation Easy Fiber, we connect local, regional, national and international operators so that the “regional network” becomes a true European network. This network, in turn, is linked with international connections in a global fiber-based infrastructure.

Our network is dynamic and under constant development. The network lays the foundation for communication and services in tomorrow’s society – for the benefit of public services, corporations and individuals.

Our network is developed and operated by IT Norrbotten on behalf of Norrbotten’s 14 municipalities.

Norrbotten is a part of the world. The world is part of Norrbotten.

Regional network

Our open broadband network is commercially- and provider-neutral, where the market’s various operators can access the network on equal terms.

Easy Fibre

Easy Fibre is a clear alternative and a complement to the wholesale Dark Fiber market!

Service operators now have access to a new, comprehensive fiber network covering Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and northern Germany.

We are the easy option! With us you only have one single contact, one single agreement and one single service provider. You get greater choice, easier day-to-day handling and above all a better product to offer your customers!